New iOS and Android (Beta) BenchApp 2.0

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new version of BenchApp for iOS and Android (beta). This release focuses solely on improving our team chatter functionality. It's now faster and better than ever! 

Join the Android beta here:

Add some style to your Broadcasts!

Our new Broadcast system now allows you to add a little style, such as bold, italic, and even underline! You can even throw in some numbers lists for your Top 10 plays of the game breakdowns.

Push Notification Broadcasts

Along with a slew of updates and bugs fixes to the Broadcast system, we hae also just added Push Notification broadcasts for our PRO users. Now you can send a push to every player that has push notifications turned on. Any player without push enabled will be disabled on the recipient list.

More broadcast features coming soon!

Chatter Beta sorted by last message date

The Chatter Beta teams list is now sorted by most recent messages at the top. This will make it much easier for you to see all your recent team chats.

New Messages Beta

Our new messages beta is live! Giphy, emoticon and photo sharing support now included. A faster messaging experience awaits. Join the beta today!

New Beta Beta Is Live!

Ready for a whole new, and better, way to chat with your teammates? Join the Chatter beta today and experience a faster and fully emoji supported way to communicate!

Chatter Beta Coming Soon!

We’ve drastically overhauled our chatter service and we’ll be launching a public beta very soon. Keep an eye on the chatter area to enable it.

Golf! We've now added Golf as a sport type

Now you can create a roster of all your golf buddies, put in some tee times, and get out on the links, easier than ever. Try BenchApp for Golf!

Volleyball line ups added!

Just in time for summer! We’ve now added Volleyball line-ups.

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