Add some style to your Broadcasts!

Our new Broadcast system now allows you to add a little style, such as bold, italic, and even underline! You can even throw in some numbers lists for your Top 10 plays of the game breakdowns.

Updates to the new Broadcast system

We have fixed several bugs and re-added previous features that were missing! The Broadcast should be better than ever.

New Broadcast System

We have completely re-written our Broadcast system from the ground up. And in doing so, we've doubled the number of characters you can send in your text messages. Enjoy!

Improved Schedule Import

We have greatly improved our process for importing CSV and ICS files directly into your schedule. Try it out from the schedule page.

New Subscribe and Download Schedule System

We've completely re-built how you can download or subscribe to your schedule. Now you'll be able to download or subscribe to ALL events for a specific team, or all future events for ALL your teams.

Subscribe or Download now!

If you have already subscribed to your schedule, please update your link.

Chatter push now take you to the proper team

Now, when you tap on a chatter push notification, you will be taken to the proper chat for the specific team.

BenchApp Chatter Beta fixes and improvements

We’ve been hard at work improving BenchApp Chatter Beta since it launched. Image uploading, faster loading times, and more! Try the BenchApp Chatter Beta today!

New Payment Method

We’ve updated the pre-pay method of payment so that it is fully supported across Android and all mobile devices.

Chatter Beta Fixes

We’ve been hard at work improving the chatter beta. Squashing bugs and speeding things up. More features and even faster speeds coming soon! Please report any bugs to

Faster Load Times

We made some updates over the last few days to help drastically improve the load time of our apps and website. Enjoy!

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