Auto Waitlist is here!

One of our most requested features is now live. The Auto Waitlist feature is here! Now, when your max players is reached and someone checks out, you can decide how players are accepted into the game. No more having to accept waitlist players manually. Let BenchApp take care of the work!

Find this feature under the Team Settings area.

BenchApp 2.1 for Android and iOS are live!

After weeks of rejections from Apple, the newest version of BenchApp has been approved. This brings back and improves our "Add from Contacts" feature that was a huge success in a previous build but temporarily had to be removed. We hope this makes it even easier to build your roster!

Keep the feedback and feature ideas coming. We have a lot more coming!

Android 2.0.1 is live!

Android is out of Beta and ready for the big leagues. We've just launched a new update that should fix some login issues some of our users were experiencing. Please update or download BenchApp for Android 2.0.1 today!

New Broadcast System

We have completely re-written our Broadcast system from the ground up. And in doing so, we've doubled the number of characters you can send in your text messages. Enjoy!

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